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Do you want your loved one’s memorial service to be deeply personal?

Do you want the service to flow smoothly, celebrate the love you shared, and send everyone out thankful they were there?

Darrell McGowan is the owner and founder of Memorial Celebrations. He brings over 20 years of experience helping families craft beautiful celebrations of their loved ones’ lives. He crafts every service to fit the values, beliefs, and priorities of the families he serves.

When someone we love dies, regardless of our philosophical or religious perspective, we have an innate need to pause, reflect, and honor the legacy our loved one has left. Memorial Celebrations was founded to help you with the difficult task of celebrating someone’s life in the short span of a memorial service.

Darrell will be honored to conduct your loved one’s service in your home, a mortuary chapel, a house of worship, or another venue. If you live outside Southern California or you simply prefer a family member or friend conduct the service, he can help you craft a memorial celebration down to the last detail.

Memorial Celebrations can assure your loved one’s life celebration will honor them as they deserve. Call Darrell today and invite him to help you understand the difference between a traditional memorial service and a memorial celebration.

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