When you request Memorial Celebrations’s assistance, Darrell McGowan will schedule a face-to-face consultation, phone conference, or a video chat with you and your family. He will work with you and any other persons you want present for the initial consultation.


With Darrell’s expert assistance, you will plan a meaningful and memorable celebration. He will take the necessary time to get to know your loved one through those who gather in that initial consultation and will help you plan a celebration that honors your beloved family member or friend. Darrell will also help you to find suitable music, readings, and other expressions to tell your loved one’s story and celebrate his or her life.


Memorial Celebrations™ are always crafted from your loved one’s perspective on life. Darrell is adept facilitating memorial celebrations to suit his clients’ perspective; our clients always determine the tone and content of every celebration. Darrell will take time to understand the underlying philosophy of life that informed your family member’s or friend’s life. He will only incorporate into the memorial celebration™ those beliefs and values you articulate. Your memorial celebration™ will be uniquely appropriate to you and your loved one!


The biggest challenge with any memorial celebration™ is capturing an entire lifetime over the brief duration of the celebration. Grieving family and friends need to remember, to honor, and to celebrate their loved one, but they cannot bear a seemingly endless service.  Darrell will help you identify life principles or values by which your loved one lived. From the life principles or values you have chosen as central to your loved one’s story, he’ll craft a life narrative based on the stories and memories you share during your consultation. Your loved one’s story will be told just as you want it to be told, emphasizing those virtues that most strongly impacted your life and the lives of his or her family and friends. The narrative won’t be exhaustive, but it will capture and celebrate the best of your loved one!


Your family and friends who gather for your loved one’s Memorial Celebration™ will be amazed at how perfectly the celebration suited him or her. You can even set aside time for those present at the Memorial Celebration™ to share their memories and stories. You decide how you want to structure the celebration, and Darrell will makes sure the gathering meets your expectations.

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