Memorial Celebrations was founded by Darrell McGowan, a certified memorial celebrant. Darrell helps clients celebrate a life well lived with a holistic approach, addressing the diverse needs of family, friends, and acquaintances, whether they live in close proximity or are separated by great distance. Our services do far more than compile memories and pictures, they celebrate lives and help families preserve life stories forever!

Memorial Celebrations™ are designed with your needs in mind. Here are a few of the differences between a Memorial Celebration™ and a traditional memorial service:

Traditional Memorial Service

  1. Religious gathering whose tone and content are determined by a minister, priest, or rabbi in consultation with the family of the deceased.
  2. Focus on the burial of the deceased’s body or disposition of cremated remains.
  3. Structure of the service is determined by religious doctrine or tradition.
  4. Rituals and rites are engaged to elicit confidence in the assurances of a particular faith tradition.
  5. The priest, pastor, or rabbi may provide a time for those in attendance at the service to share a brief memory or story.
  6. Those in attendance may receive a memorial card or order of service to remember the deceased.

Memorial Celebration™:

  1. A gathering of friends and family to celebrate a life well lived. The content and tone of the celebration are determined by the family members and friends.
  2. Focus on the life of the loved one and his or her contribution to family and friends.
  3. Structure of the service is determined by the needs of the family and friends.
  4. Memories and stories recreate a sense of connection to the one whose life is celebrated and help those present carry within them a sense of that connection.
  5. Written and verbal contributions are solicited, recorded, and preserved before, during, and after the celebration.
  6. Everyone in attendance will leave having been reminded about all the ways their lives were enriched by your loved one.